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The city's movie industry

Shreveport was once a filming hotspot with movies like "Olympus Has Fallen", "Premonition" and "The Mist" crediting the Northwest Louisiana town as a location. Film Prize has tried to keep Shreveport in the spotlight as a filmmaker mecca, but over time the once-booming film town began to seem like a sizzle reel no one was willing to watch.

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Local filmmaker Eric Gibson has seen firsthand what this town could do for a kid with big dreams and even bigger ideas. Gibson produces and directs horror films and participated in the annual Film Prize in 2012.

Since then, Gibson has continued to fine-tune his craft and often jumps from project to project as a director, producer and occasionally an actor. He says working any job you can in the film industry is the best way to gain experience, exposure and to network.

"I really like directing, I really like storytelling, I really like producing and I really like writing," says Gibson. "I like the idea of writing like anything is possible when you first start the story."



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